I first met Heidi nearly a decade ago. Looking back, I can see all the little connections and wisdom that she helped me uncover deep within my soul.  She is a very intuitive healer that saw my true authentic self and the bright light that was waiting for me to let it in, shine through, and bring into the world.  Working as a registered nurse at the time, I quickly started to accumulate a variety of health problems. Heidi came to me as a guiding light. She was able to provide me with dietary tools, lifestyle changes, herbal treatments, cleanses, self-care techniques, and emotional support during my healing process.  Although I live in Texas she was able to connect with me in such a healing and powerful way. She helped me to feel the empowerment within myself to heal my own body – and I DID!  I am no longer suffering from symptoms that multiple doctors and specialists could not fully diagnose and heal.  Heidi taught me that healing comes from within, and we are all capable of bringing ourselves back to balance and vibrant health.  I am forever grateful for her intuitive guidance.  Heidi is truly gifted in seeing and empowering others to see the light within themselves.

Christal Carter

San Antonio

During my time with Heidi I learned so much about myself. Her home is where I found my empowerment. Just by her being herself she showed me how to speak with integrity, to be clear on what I want and to set strong boundaries. She showed me how to be honest with myself and then how to heal once I was. There were so many different instances when she sat with me and helped me reflect on my relations with my family, partners, and friends through asking me questions and helping me piece together my past and see how it has affected my choices. Heidi was always willing to sit and guide me through my processes. I had the privilege of living with her out of pure divinity. Nothing compares to the haven that Heidi has created at Rejuvenation Sanctuary; deep in the forests of Idaho, with a beautiful lake on the property filled with so much mana and a giant beaver! There are hiking trails all around the property that lead into acres and acres of forest. The wildlife is amazing. So many deer greeting you and coyotes singing you to sleep. It is absolutely the ideal place to heal & rebuild from the ground up as a warrior. There is so much that Heidi taught me, from ayurveda, fermentation, Holistic Health, pranayama, even backwoods livin’, but mostly she taught me what a strong woman looks like.

-Ruby Rue age 21

Nevada City, Ca

    My experience at Rejuvenation Sanctuary will forever be a turning point in the pinnacle of my young adult life. The skills I cultivated under Heidi’s mentorship accelerated my growth down the path to uncovering the confident, successful, and loving individual that I truly am. I came to the sanctuary to do a work trade unsure of what the next step in my life was. I was out of touch with my heart, and gave power to the limiting beliefs that no longer served me.Heidi challenged me to go within and shed light on the traumas of my past. She showed me the medicine that nature held, not only in the wild herbs that surrounded us, but the transformational power of venturing into the unknown wilderness that is life. I learned the importance of self care and how to be accountable for the person I choose to be. I am so grateful for the beautiful space the sanctuary provides to process and grow as an authentic human being. Heidi is a blessing in my life, and the teachings she provides invited me on a thrilling adventure to self discovery. She’s shown me what it means to be a strong woman, and how to empower myself on my journey to be the best woman I can be. She is an outstanding role model who actively seeks to continually better the communities with whom she is involved and reconnect them to empowering their lives. The time I spent with Heidi and at the sanctuary has positively impacted my life, and fills me with joy for having had the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful human being. There is no other experience like this, if you’re ready to take the next step in healing and taking ownership of your life, Rejuvenation Sanctuary is a restorative womb that will accelerate the transformation you’ve been seeking.

    -Jen Javana age 23



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